Best robotic cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Dr. Swati Shah

Leading the Best Cervical Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad

Dr. Swati Shah

Leading the Best Cervical
Cancer Hospital

in Ahmedabad

Best robotic cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Cervical cancer is a life-changing diagnosis that requires the best care from an experienced doctor. That's where Dr. Swati Shah comes in - with over 15+ years of experience as a cervical cancer specialist, she is widely regarded as the best cervical cancer doctor in Ahmedabad. Her unparalleled expertise and compassionate care have helped countless patients navigate their journey towards recovery.

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Dr. Swati Shah

Dr. Swati Shah

Dr Swati Shah is one of the leading cervical cancer specialist in India. She has many years of experience & treated hundreds of patients with cervix cancer. Management of cervix cancer involves investigations and treatement. Biopsy is done to confirm cancer. CT scan/ MRI or PET scan is done to find the stage of cancer. As per these reports , treatment is decided. Patients with early Cervix cancer as advised surgery i.e. Radical Hysterectomy and Pelvic Lymph node dissection.
Radical Hysterectomy means removal of uterus with surrounding tissues such that cancer as well as its microscopic extent is removed completely. If the cancer is in 3rd or 4th stage, patients are treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, followed by surgery in some situations. So, cervix cancer can be treated in all stages.
Trained from the best

Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi

Highly qualified

Holds the highest degrees in Oncology – DrNB, Surgical Oncology

Why Do People Trust Dr. Swati Shah's Cervical Cancer Hospital?

cervical cancer treatment in india

11750+ Patients

11750+ Patients have been successfully

best robotic uro and gynec cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad

15+ Years

15+ years of work experience as a cervical cancer specialist

best robotic uro and gynec cancer surgeon in India

24+ Awards

24+ Awards received by Dr. Shah for her achievements

⦿ leading Robotic Uro & Gynec Oncosurgeon in India

⦿ 14+ years of experience in treatment of Gynec ( Cervix, Uterus, Ovary, Vulvar) Cancers

⦿ Successfully treated hundreds of such patients.


    ⦿ MS (General Surgery) : Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi

    ⦿ DrNB Surgical Oncology : Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi.

    ⦿ Training in Gynec Cancer Surgery from the pioneer institute in New Delhi.

    ⦿ Certified for Robotic Uro & Gynec Cancer surgeries from Intuitive Surgicals.

    Awards & Recognitions:

    ⦿ Best Video presentation on “Robotic Retroperitoneal LN Dissection” in NATCON (National Surgical Oncology conference ) 2021, New Delhi.

    ⦿ Master Video sessions on Cytoreductive Surgery & HIPEC in ASICON (Conference of Association of Surgeons of India) 2021, AFPA NATCON (All India Family Physician Association) 2022, AGOICON (Association of Gynec Oncologist of India) 2022 and IASOCON (conference of Indian Association of Surgical Oncology) 2022.

    ⦿ Awards for presenting papers in SELSICON 2011, RGCON 2016, IASG 2015, IMSCON2015, NATCON 2019.

    ⦿ Author of multiple papers in National & International Journals.

    Best Doctor for Cervical Cancer Surgeries: 

    ⦿ Laser surgery/ Conization for precancer lesions

    ⦿ Nerve Preserving Radical Hysterectomy

    ⦿ Pelvic & Para Aortic Lymph Node dissection

    ⦿ Radical Hysterectomy

    ⦿ Exenteration for Locally advanced/ Residual/ Recurrent cervix cancer

    ⦿ Radical Trachelectomy for preserving fertility

    What is Cervical Cancer?

    Cervical cancer originates in the cervix, the lower portion of the uterus that links to the vagina. This cancer is predominantly caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), a virus transmitted through sexual contact. Infection with HPV can result in alterations in the cervical cells. If these changes are not addressed, they can gradually progress into cervical cancer.
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    Female Reproductive System
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    Tests for Cervical Cancer

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    Stagewise Treatment

    Stage 0 Cancer Treatment

    Early Cervical Cancer ( Stage I/IIA)

    Residual/Recurrent Advanced disease

    Success Stories

    Happy Patients

    We met dr swati shah in Appllo hospital Ahmedabad for treatment of my mothers cervix cancer. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and well experienced doctor. she explained me and my mother all the aspects of disease. Read more...

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    My had cervix cancer. After surgery she's fill good n she do her work daily. Thank you so much swati mam and her team.

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    Amit Jain Google Maps

    Dr swati shah is top oncosurgeon. My mother underwent surgery for cervix cancer. She is compelety fine now I think Dr swati shah is best gynec cancer surgeon.

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    Deepak Solanki Google Maps
    Surgical oncologist in Ahmedabad Gujarat 1
    5/5 based on 174 reviews
    Surgical oncologist in Ahmedabad Gujarat 1
    5/5 based on 174 reviews
    Best cervical cancer treatment in Ahmedabad

    Surgical Videos & Photographs

    Explore surgical videos & photographs with caution. Please be advised that viewer discretion is recommended.

    Why choose Dr. Swati Shah's Cervical Cancer Hospital?

    Dr. Swati Shah, recognized as the best cervical cancer doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, leads a team of highly skilled experts at her cervical cancer clinic in Ahmedabad. This team comprises specialized doctors, experienced nurses, all dedicated to providing the best care for patients with cervical cancer.
    Each team member brings their expertise to manage various stages of cervical cancer, like cervical cancer stage 1b2 treatment in India, ensuring comprehensive care. Collaborating with a team of experts, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and interventional radiologists, the hospital is recognized as the best hospital for cervical cancer surgery in India. They work together seamlessly at one of the best hospitals for cervical cancer treatment in India, focusing on patient-centered care and the latest treatment protocols.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A gynecologic oncologist is the specialist usually consulted for cervical cancer.
    Treatment for cervical cancer is tailored based on its stage and progression. Common approaches include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or their combination.
    A Pap smear, involving the collection and examination of cells from the cervix, is the standard test for cervical cancer. Further testing, like an HPV test or a biopsy, may follow if irregularities are detected.
    The initial screening for cervical cancer typically involves a Pap smear, aimed at identifying abnormal cervical cells early.

    Cervical cancer is relatively common among women, with a higher prevalence in developing countries where screening and vaccination are less accessible.

    Yes, cervical cancer can be effectively treated and potentially removed using methods like surgery, radiation therapy, or a combination, depending on the cancer stage and specific patient circumstances.

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    We provide a 24*7 emergency care.

    If you have any kind of cancer related medial emergency, visit Apollo Hospital. An expert doctor is always available & treatment will be provided at once.

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