Best robotic cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Dr. Swati Shah

Providing the Best CRS & HIPEC Treatment in Ahmedabad

Dr. Swati Shah

Providing the Best CRS & HIPEC Treatment in Ahmedabad

Best robotic cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

When facing the challenge of cancer treatment, choosing the right doctor is crucial. If you're seeking the best HIPEC doctor for cancer treatment in Ahmedabad, Dr. Swati Shah should be at the top of your list. With over 15+ years of experience and a stellar reputation, Dr. Shah has become one of the most reliable and respected figures in Ahmedabad's cancer care community, as an providing the best CRS & HIPEC treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and across in India. Her proficiency in utilizing the latest technology, combined with a compassionate patient care approach, distinguishes Dr. Shah as an outstanding HIPEC cancer specialist.

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Dr. Swati Shah

Dr. Swati Shah

Dr Swati Shah is one of the leading CRS and HIPEC cancer specialists in India. He has more than 15+ years of experience & treated hundreds of patients with CRS and HIPEC.
Various cancers that can be treated with CRS and HIPEC are Ovarian cancer, colon cancer & appendicular cancer.
Trained from the best

Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi

Highly qualified

Holds the highest degrees in Oncology – DrNB, Surgical Oncology

Why Do People Trust Dr. Swati Shah's CRS & HIPEC Treatment?


11750+ Patients

11750+ Patients have been successfully

best robotic uro and gynec cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad

15+ Years

15+ years of work experience as a robotic bladder cancer surgeon

best robotic uro and gynec cancer surgeon in India

24+ Awards

24+ Awards received by Dr. Shah for her achievements

⦿ leading Peritoneal Cancer & HIPEC surgeon in India

⦿  14+ years of experience in treatment of Peritoneal Cancers & Pseudomyxoma peritonei.

⦿ Successfully treated hundreds of such patients with Cytoreductive Surgery & HIPEC

⦿ 10+ years in HIPEC


    ⦿ MS (General Surgery) : Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi

    ⦿ DrNB Surgical Oncology : Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi.

    ⦿ Training in Gynec Cancer Surgery & HIPEC from the pioneer institute for Gynec Cancer surgeries in New Delhi.

    Awards & Recognitions:

    ⦿ Best Video presentation on “Robotic Retroperitoneal LN Dissection” in NATCON (National Surgical Oncology conference ) 2021, New Delhi.

    ⦿ Master Video sessions on Uro Cancer surgeries in ASICON (Conference of Association of Surgeons of India) 2021, RUFCON (Robotic Urology Forum) 2022 and IASOCON (conference of Indian Association of Surgical Oncology) 2022.

    ⦿ Awards for presenting papers in SELSICON 2011, RGCON 2016, IASG 2015, IMSCON2015, NATCON 2019.

    ⦿ Author of multiple papers in National & International Journals.

    Best Doctor for Peritoneal Cancer Surgeries 

    ⦿ Cytoreductive Surgery for 3rd stage ovarian cancer

    ⦿ Peritonectomy & Omentectomy

    ⦿ Cytoreductive surgery for Appendix / colorectal cancer

    ⦿ Pseudomyxoma peritonei management

    ⦿ HIPEC (Heated Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy)

    CRS+HIPEC Procedure for Cancer Treatment

    CRS+HIPEC, standing for Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, represents an innovative approach to treating certain types of cancer, particularly those affecting the peritoneal cavity. The CRS procedure involves the surgical removal of visible tumors. Concurrently, HIPEC delivers heated chemotherapy directly into the abdominal cavity. This dual strategy provides renewed hope for patients dealing with cancers in this region.
    CRS+HIPEC is particularly utilized when cancer has spread throughout the peritoneal cavity but remains localized within the abdomen, without significant dissemination to distant organs. This treatment method is mainly used for peritoneal metastases originating from colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, appendiceal cancer, and certain other abdominal cancers. It focuses on tackling cancer confined to this specific area, offering a targeted approach to these types of malignancies.
    During the HIPEC procedure, chemotherapy heated to a higher temperature is directly infused into the abdominal cavity concurrently with the surgical operation. Following the removal of visible tumors through CRS (Cytoreductive Surgery), a heated chemotherapeutic solution is circulated within the abdominal area for a set period of time.
    The increased temperature enhances the effectiveness of the chemotherapy by promoting deeper drug penetration and more effective destruction of cancer cells. This localized delivery of chemotherapy minimizes the systemic toxicity often seen with traditional chemotherapy and lessens the common side effects associated with it.

    CRS+HIPEC, which stands for Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, provides several key advantages over conventional cancer treatments:

    1. It leads to a notable improvement in survival rates, especially for cancers within the peritoneal cavity.

    2. This approach allows for precise targeting of tumors, resulting in enhanced local control.

    3. There is a decrease in systemic toxicity, which contributes to fewer side effects.

    4. CRS+HIPEC opens up more effective treatment options for cancers that were previously challenging to treat.

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    Benefits of HIPEC

    Success Stories

    Happy Patients

    A close relative was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had to undergo CRS+HIPEC for the treatment. We were very fortunate that Dr. Swati Shah was the leading oncosurgeon of the team who carried out this 6-7hrs long major surgery at Apollo Hospitals International Ltd., Bhat, Gandhinagar. Dr. Swati Shah is a highly qualified & experienced oncosurgeon for such type of major & complicated surgeries.

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    After knowing the fact that my mother was suffering from ovarian cancer at stage 3, me and my family were extremely depressed. We had no idea that what could cure her. All I can say is an extremely thank you to Dr. Swati Shah and her team. I must say, Dr. Swati Shah is nothing less than a god to me and my family.

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    One of my relative was diagnosed with carcinoma ovary. I referred my relative to Dr Swati Shah Mam for surgery. Dr Swati Shah is best and Specialised Gynaec Oncosurgeon based at apollo hospital gandhinagar ahmedabad. She is expertise in treating all gynaecological malignancy like ca ovary, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and etc.

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    Surgical oncologist in Ahmedabad Gujarat 1
    5/5 based on 174 reviews
    Surgical oncologist in Ahmedabad Gujarat 1
    5/5 based on 174 reviews
    Best CRS & HIPEC cancer treatment in Ahmedabad

    Surgical Videos & Photographs

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    Why choose Dr. Swati Shah's CRS & HIPEC Treatment?

    Dr. Swati Shah leads a team of highly skilled professionals at one of the best hospitals for HIPEC surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, renowned for its expertise in HIPEC treatment. This team includes some of the best HIPEC surgeons in India, specialized in CRS and HIPEC treatment, making the hospital a leading center for HIPEC treatment. Collaborating with a team of experts, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and interventional radiologists, the hospital is recognized as the best hospital for CRS+HIPEC surgery in India. As a renowned HIPEC specialist herself, Dr. Shah has gathered a group of experts including Gynec Oncologists for HIPEC and Gynec Cancer Surgeons for HIPEC, each with a deep understanding of HIPEC cancer treatment.
    Together, they focus on providing comprehensive care, from cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC to post-treatment support. Their collective expertise in HIPEC treatment in India, especially in managing complex cases like HIPEC for ovarian cancer, makes them a formidable force in cancer care, underlining the hospital’s status as a premier institution for HIPEC treatment.

    Conditions Treated with CRS+HIPEC

    CRS+HIPEC has shown promising results in various cancers. Here are some specific conditions that can be treated with this innovative approach:
    HIPEC for Ovarian cancer

    HIPEC for Ovarian Cancer: 

    Ovarian cancer is commonly diagnosed in its later stages, having already spread within the abdominal area. CRS+HIPEC proves to be an effective method for treating advanced stages of this cancer. It involves surgical removal of tumors and affected organs, followed by the application of heated chemotherapy directly into the abdomen. The elevated temperature during the HIPEC process enhances the effectiveness of the chemotherapy, targeting any remaining cancer cells.
    This combined approach significantly improves survival rates in advanced ovarian cancer by effectively addressing both visible tumors and microscopic cancer cells. The integration of surgery with HIPEC not only tackles existing tumors but also aims to eradicate smaller cancerous cells, reducing the likelihood of cancer recurrence. This technique has shown superior results in preventing cancer progression and in enhancing overall survival rates in patients with advanced ovarian cancer.
    HIPEC for Peritoneal Cancer

    HIPEC for Peritoneal Cancer

    Peritoneal cancer, originating in the lining of the abdomen, often spreads within the abdominal cavity. CRS+HIPEC plays a vital role in treating peritoneal cancers, whether they originate from the abdominal lining or metastasize from other organs. Cytoreductive Surgery is employed to remove visible tumors, followed by HIPEC which applies heated chemotherapy to eradicate any remaining cancer cells. This combination enhances the effectiveness of the drugs, disrupts the cancer cells, and hampers their DNA repair mechanisms.
    This method significantly improves disease management and prolongs survival rates for patients with peritoneal cancer. CRS+HIPEC represents a revolutionary approach in treating advanced stages of ovarian and peritoneal cancers, providing an effective line of defense against these challenging conditions. Continuous research is dedicated to further improving and expanding the application of CRS+HIPEC, aiming for better patient outcomes and enhanced quality of life for those battling ovarian and peritoneal cancers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    HIPEC surgery is typically performed by a skilled surgical oncologist or a specialized surgical team experienced in this specific technique.
    HIPEC offers several benefits:
    • Direct delivery of chemotherapy to the abdominal cavity for increased precision.
    • Enhanced chemotherapy effectiveness due to the application of heat.
    • Improved efficacy in the surgical removal of tumors.
    • Reduced likelihood of cancer recurrence.
    • Potential for increased survival rates in certain types of advanced abdominal cancers.
    The success rate of CRS-HIPEC (Cytoreductive Surgery with HIPEC) depends on various factors, including the type and stage of cancer. Success is often assessed by the extent of tumor removal and the rate of disease non-recurrence.
    Recovery time after HIPEC varies depending on individual circumstances and the complexity of the surgery. Patients generally need several weeks to a few months for full recovery and to resume normal activities.

    The survival rate for CRS-HIPEC varies based on the type of cancer, its stage, and individual patient factors. It is often expressed as a five-year survival rate, indicating the proportion of patients who live for at least five years after undergoing the procedure.

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    If you have any kind of Uro & Gynec Cancer related medial emergency, visit Apollo Hospital. An expert doctor is always available & treatment will be provided at once.

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    We provide a 24*7 emergency care.

    If you have any kind of cancer related medial emergency, visit Apollo Hospital. An expert doctor is always available & treatment will be provided at once.

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