Best robotic cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Dr. Swati Shah

Leading the Best Robotic Testicular Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad

Dr. Swati Shah

Leading the Best Robotic Testicular Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad

Best robotic cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Testicular cancer is a challenging diagnosis that significantly impacts patients and their families. In Ahmedabad, Dr. Swati Shah is recognized as the leading specialist in testicular cancer. Her experience, spanning over 15+ years in treating testicular diseases & 10+ years in Robotic Surgery , has earned her a reputation for both her exceptional medical expertise and her empathetic patient care. Recognized as leading the best testicular cancer hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and across in India.

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Dr. Swati Shah

Dr. Swati Shah

Dr Swati Shah is one of the best testicular cancer specialists in India. She has many years of experience & treated hundreds of patients with testicular cancer, Maximum Experience in Robotic Cancer Surgery. Recognized as most experienced Robotic Testicular Cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and across in India.
The management of testicular cancer involves prompt diagnosis & early treatment. Testicular cancer is diagnosed by clinical examination, ultrasound & CT Scan. Staging is performed with PET-CT Scan. The treatment involves operation & chemotherapy.
Trained from the best

Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi

Highly qualified

Holds the highest degrees in Oncology – DrNB, Surgical Oncology

Why Do People Trust Dr. Swati Shah's Testicular Cancer Hospital?

best testis tumour specialist in Ahmedabad

11750+ Patients

11750+ Patients have been successfully

best robotic uro and gynec cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad

15+ Years

15+ years of work experience as a prostate cancer surgeon

best robotic uro and gynec cancer surgeon in India

24+ Awards

24+ Awards received by Dr. Shah for her achievements

Dr. Swati Shah is renowned as a leading Testicular Cancer Doctor in Ahmedabad and is highly respected as a Testicular Cancer Specialist in Gujarat. With over 15+ years of experience in Robotic Testicular Cancer surgeries, she has developed an exceptional level of expertise in diagnosing and treating testicular cancer.
She did her MBBS and MS in General Surgery from the esteemed institute – Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. She did DNB Surgical Oncology from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi.
Dr. Swati Shah’s in-depth understanding and profound knowledge make her a trusted Testicular Cancer Oncologist in India. Patients from all over the country come to her for her expert advice and treatment, knowing that they are in the hands of one of the best in the field.

What is Testicular Cancer?

Testicular cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the testicles, the male reproductive glands tasked with producing sperm and testosterone. This cancer arises when cells in the testicles begin to grow and divide in an uncontrolled manner, leading to the formation of a tumor.
This type of cancer is notably the most prevalent among young men. Remarkably, about 95% of testicular cancer cases can be successfully treated. The treatment options include Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy, and the specific approach depends on the type and stage of the testicular cancer.
Testicular Tumour
Testicular Tumour

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Surgery for Testicular Tumour

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Maru name Bharat. Mane testis nu cancer hatu. Mane bija badha ghana dr e daraviya ke maru operation nai thai but jyare hu dr swati shah ne madiyo tyare emne mane bahut support kariyo ane kahi tu tamaru robotics thi surgery thai jase pachi me e karaviyi n atyare hu bahut saru feel karu chu . Ane dr swati shah ne thank you so much. Bahu sara dr che swati mam. Thank you

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hello my name is abhay jain n m very much thanks for dr swati shah for such a great work. I had robotic surgery done by dr swati shah.she is one of the best surgeon in the world.

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We truly thankful to Dr Swati Shah mdm. She always support us. My mother had cancer she guided us for surgery . Surgery was done by her and now she feels good n healthy. Thanks a lot for my heart to Dr Swati Shah and her team. I heardly recommend Dr Swati mdm

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Surgical oncologist in Ahmedabad Gujarat 1
5/5 based on 174 reviews
Surgical oncologist in Ahmedabad Gujarat 1
5/5 based on 174 reviews
Best testicular cancer treatment in Ahmedabad

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Why choose Dr. Swati Shah's Testicular Cancer Hospital?

Dr. Swati Shah’s Testicular Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad, recognized as a leading robotic testicular cancer hospital, stands out for its exceptional team, with over 10+ years in Robotic Surgery and the maximum experience in Robotic Testis Cancer Surgery in India. This esteemed group includes a Testicular Tumour doctor in Ahmedabad, a Testicular Tumour specialist in Gujarat, and is known as a renowned robotic testicular cancer hospital in India, making it a comprehensive center for testicular cancer care. The team’s expertise is further augmented by Dr. Shah’s role as a leading Uro oncologist for testis cancer and tumour, positioning her at the forefront of Uro oncology for testicular cancer and tumour in Ahmedabad.

Within the Testicular Cancer Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a notable robotic testicular cancer hospital, this collaboration extends to include medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and interventional radiologists, establishing the hospital as the premier destination for testicular cancer surgery in India. Their concerted efforts and dedication to excellence ensure that every patient receives the best possible Testicular Cancer Treatment and Surgery, solidifying the hospital’s position as a leader among Testicular Cancer Hospitals in India and offering a beacon of hope for those undergoing Testicular Cancer Operation in Ahmedabad at this advanced robotic testicular cancer hospital.

Robotic Surgery for Testicular Cancer

Surgery for Testicular Cancer typically involves making a large incision in the patient’s abdomen. However, if performed using Robotic surgery, the procedure can be accomplished through much smaller incisions.

Surgical procedure for Testicular

The specific surgical procedure for Testicular Cancer is known as Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection. This surgery entails the removal of lymph nodes located in the abdomen, close to the major blood vessels. The primary purpose of this surgery is to determine the stage of the disease or to excise the affected lymph nodes.

Retroperitoneal Lymph Nodes are situated near and behind the major blood vessels in the abdomen. For removing all these nodes, precision is required. The nerves in this area are essential for sexual function. The blood vessels can bleed heavily if injured. The vessels and nerves have to be preserved. The robotic system helps the surgeon in performing this surgery through small holes.



Reduced Invasiveness

Robotic surgery is less invasive compared to traditional methods, involving smaller incisions, which leads to less physical trauma.


Enhanced Precision

The robotic system allows for more precise surgical movements, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues and organs.


Quicker Recovery

Patients typically experience faster recovery times due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, leading to a shorter hospital stay.


Lower Risk of Complications

The precision and control of robotic surgery often result in fewer complications, such as bleeding and infection.


Less Pain and Scarring

Smaller incisions not only reduce pain post-surgery but also minimize scarring.


Improved Outcomes

The accuracy of robotic surgery can improve the outcomes, particularly in preserving nerves and structures vital for bodily functions.


Better Visualization

Surgeons get a magnified, high-definition 3D view of the surgical area, enhancing their ability to operate effectively.


Greater Dexterity

Robotic arms can maneuver in ways that a human hand cannot, allowing for complex surgical tasks to be performed more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

A uro-oncologist is the specialist to consult for testicular cancer evaluation.

Optimal treatment for testicular cancer varies based on the stage and type of the cancer and may encompass surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.

Testicular cancer is indeed highly treatable and often curable, particularly with early detection and timely treatment.

Stage 1 testicular cancer indicates that the cancer is localized to the testicle and hasn't spread to nearby lymph nodes or distant body parts.

While Stage 3 testicular cancer presents more challenges, it remains treatable and often curable, with the prognosis depending on various factors, including the effectiveness of the treatment.

Testicular cancer is primarily treated through a surgical procedure known as a radical orchiectomy, which involves removing the affected testicle to prevent further spread of the cancer.

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